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Related post: Date: Sun, 22 Jan 2006 12:58:51 -0800 (PST) From: young pregnant Bert Carley Subject: Renaldo and Sean young nude thumbnails - very young snatch Part 3The following story is fiction. It involves sexually explicit erotic petite young movie events between gothic young sex males. If you are offended by such material or young sixteen porn are too young, live where it is not allowed, don't read the story. In the world of this story, the characters do not always use condoms. Make sure you protect yourself from disease by always using a youngest sex pictures condom.Comments and suggestions can be sent to the author and Sean - Part 2 (ended with)After Renaldo popped Sean's virgin cherry ass and Carlos filling his throat with dick, Sean was ordered to get busy cleaning magical young nudes up the mess. He was fed his young girl masterbating own ejaculations as well as lap up and consume all those that Carlos had sprayed down the front of Renaldo's torso. After Sean tongued their dicks nice and young pic old clean, Renaldo raised his arms up and puffy young fed his dripping pits to Sean as he had done before. He smeared his strong manly scent all over Sean's face, leaving his male scent imprinted for the second time for Sean to absorb into his young pantys brain as something pleasurable. When his pits were clean, Carlos stepped forward, raised his arms and fed his dripping pits to Sean also. They both laughed enjoying the feeding frenzy their new bitch displayed lapping up pit juices and inhaling their individual scents.Finally, Carlos turned his head to Renaldo and said, "Yea! This bitch is definitely a keeper alright!" --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Renaldo and Sean - Part 3Renaldo responded to Carlos's comment quality young ******** young orgies with, "Yea, he's something alright - look at him devour and wallow in your dripping, stinky wet pits. He's a true and tested Cock Sucking, Pussy Ass Cunt Boy, and Pit Licking Bitch now buddy. I bet we could Pimp him out to every jock in school and make ourselves some pretty good bread, but that would be such a waste of a good thing. No, not this one - he's ukraine young nudes far too special to porn young 14 share with others, don't you agree Carlos?""Hell YES man - he's special young 3d erotic alright and so fucking pretty, I vote to keep him all to ourselves, provided he doesn't turn into a campus whore and start putting out to every stud on campus. You know how these little bitches can get when their pussies get in heat and they cry out for a dick. They will let anyone fuck them. When the word gets around that Sean is a bitch, as pretty as he is, guys will be sniffing around him young nubiles porn for sure. It won't matter that we claim him as our private property to some of them either.""Yea Carlos, this is an issue we are going to have to deal with. The two of us should be able to keep him satisfied sexually. However, he is going anime young to have to want to remain faithful to us exclusively. Carlos, he has been stalking me for weeks, all while a virgin. He picked me man. He obviously wants nudist youngest me as his boyfriend. I really think he will stay faithful to us once we both bond young angels incest slender young nudes with him and keep him happy sexually. I would hate to have to keep a chastity belt on him or keep guard on him around the clock. It would be impossible and never work."Renaldo looked at Sean. "Do you think you can remain faithful to Carlos and me Babe, because if you can't, we will have to severely discipline you, then if you don't straighten up we will turn you into a cash earning whore to the entire male campus population?"Sean looked up into Renaldo's eyes and said, "I only was attracted to you Renaldo, but now I like Carlos too. I think I can remain faithful to you two, but I am so new to this. Remember, this morning before I came to school I was a virgin. How can I be sure what tomorrow will bring?""Well Babe, that's good enough for me until you prove yourself otherwise. Anything amateur young 09 else you want to add Carlos?""Yea! Get over here and give Carlos a big sloppy wet one right young nonude on the lips, it's my turn to fuck your hot ass bitch." After the kiss, Carlos nude young women swung Sean around on to his hands and knees on the futon, young amateursex pulled the foreskin back Hairy young teen on his already hardening dick and lined it up young and wet with the crack of Sean's ass crack. He pushed Sean's head down, lifted his ass up and proceeded to lube up his cock with some cum that had been leaking down Sean's inner thighs. Painful again at first, Sean let out a squeal. Carlos smacked him hard on the ass twice. Two quick thrusts and Carlos was buried balls deep as the huge red slabs slapped against Sean's ass cheeks and inner thighs. As Carlos perky young tits built up steam thrusting in and out, Sean began to make little high-pitched squeals often associated with the sound some females make when having an organism. Carlos popped him on cute young ******** the ass a couple more times and said, "Quiet down girl - you want the entire male school population pounding on the door for a piece of your ass!"Renaldo pulled back the corner of a side window curtain and peered outside the van. "Hell, the lots empty and no young rusian nudists one is loitering around in hearing distance - let our little Canary Bird sing for us young hentai kids young russain sluts Carlos. That sound turns me on," Renaldo dropped to his knees in front of Sean. He lifted Sean's face up and looked down into his glazed over green eyes and smiled. "Go ahead and sing for us you beautiful little blond canary bird." Working both ends the guys developed a rhythm as the little squeals increased in volume. Soon Sean was pumping his ass back into each of Carlos's youngage girls incest thrusts, chanting and making high pitched bird sounds that enhanced the sexual excitement developing.This was obviously a real turn on for all parties, as Renaldo was jacking himself off furiously just inches from Sean's face as Carlos pounded his dick and slapped his long meaty pendulums all over Sean's inner thighs and balls. A steady slap, slap, slap, slap sound resonated and developed into a steady beat as all young teen galeri parties rode the young galleries milky wave of pleasures, reaching for the stars and another tgp young kds cataclysmic eruption."Yes! YES! YESSSsssss! YEEEeeeeesssss! young nude porn EEEEEeeeeeeee," reverberated through the interior of the van as Sean screamed out in excitement. He erupted, spewing his pussy juices down on to the leather futon cover. As his pussy convulsed from the massive ejaculation, it caused young pussy pic Carlos to go over the top and thrust balls deep and drop his load. Renaldo lifted Sean's head, spread his lips open young lolta pussy with his fingers and shoved his cock on to Tweetie-Bird's tongue and larynx with another huge load of hot Cuban spunk.Carlos shouted, "FANTASTIC! WHAT A HOT, TIGHT PUSSY - BITCH, sweet young sex YOU ARE hot young babes ONE FABULIOUS FUCK!" He slapped Sean on the ass leaving another big red handprint as he pulled his dick out and wiped it clean across Sean's buns. With a small hand towel he pulled from one of the pockets of the van interior he wiped his dick dry. He handed the towel to Renaldo for a fast cleanup, then stuffed Sean's ass with littel young girl a wad of toilet paper to keep him from leaking.Renaldo spoke up, "Well horny young bitches we better get dressed and get our pretty new boy bitch home before his mother wonders legal young porn what has happened brigham young biography to him, don't you think Carlos?""I suppose, but I'm still horny for some more ass! What time is it anyway?""Going on to five-thirty already," Renaldo answered. "What time your folks get home from work Sean Babe?""Oh, mom will get home about six-thirty, dad about seven, but my big sister will be home starting dinner by now. She young genitalia gallery goes to a local beauty college young babysitter and is twenty years young latin boys old. She likes to young fuck boss me hot young latina around like all girls, but she's cool and probably won't even ask young porn ilegal why I'm not young 15 xxx home yet.""OK! This is how it is young animal porn going to be Sean - listen up! Write your cell phone number, your house telephone number, your' address on this pad. You keep your cell phone on and with you at all the times so we can get in touch with you without young petite tgp any hassles, except at school where it is forbidden, of course. Carlos or I will pick you up every morning for school, take you home after school. I will work up a schedule of your regular duties to us, but expect to blow us both every morning on the way to school, after lunch again. We will expand your training every afternoon after school before we take you Bae young home. If we get horny at night, your cell will ring and we will work out someway to get to you christine young without causing too many family problems for you. You getting all this Baby?" "Yes Renaldo! I think so! How can I get in touch with either of you?""Here are young sexy girlies our phone numbers on this young naked teenies card baby. Put it in your free youngteen porn wallet and keep young nude naturists it with you at all times. Now write young panties art all that stuff on the pad I told you before we get you home.. Carlos young slut rape - any other things I'm missing?""Yea! The word is going to get around school fast illegal young creampie that you are our bitch Sean. We will spread the word tomorrow ourselves in the locker room - tell the young nudes 12yr guys you are our property and off limits. You'll be outed to the whole school male population by day end. That's the way it has to be! If any guys young nudist families start hassling you or try to get you to service them, get their names and tell fotos pre younger us so fuck rape young we can take care of the young pee problem. We will protect you baby, but you have to be careful not young 14 naturists to leave yourself vulnerable and isolated where a guy could jump Blaze young your ass and rape you." Renaldo added, "That's right Baby Boy. Carlos and I already have a reputation for being bisexual. You are not the first boy bitch either of us has had in the past, sometimes while having a steady girlfriend at the pretty young nudes same time. We don't tolerate either our women or boys to get bitchy, jealous or upset when we party together. You will have to learn to share us with our women or be punished until you accept that fact. Sex is young rika nude sex baby boy, and we both like female pussy and sweet cunt juice too. We all play together sometimes too. No hassles from you on this subject Sean. Our women accept that fact too. That's the way it is going to be from now on. And when we give you an order, we expect you to do it without any back talk, hesitation or any display of negative attitude. You got the picture baby?"I glared at him in defiance, then answered. "YEA, I GET blowjob hot young THE PICTURE ALRIGHT! - I'M suppose to remain TOTALLY FAITHFUL to you guys, Girl young but you both can screw around all you want. Am I to learn to eat your girlfriend's pussy too, love it and call you and Carlos SIR, MASTER OR GOD young nubile cunt AS WELL?"Renaldo instantly grabbed me by young schoolgirls nude the hair with on hand and by my cock and balls by the other. He squeezed my balls so hard tears came to my eyes, as he sat on the futon, rotated me around younger cuties over his lap face down and began spanking me with a ping pong paddle he pulled off a shelf. He shouted, "DON'T YOU EVER, EVER TALK BACK TO ME LIKE THAT AGAIN. I OWN YOU NOW BITCH, AND GET THAT STRAIGHT! NOW COUNT OFF THESE TEN AS I GIVE YOU A TASTE OF THE PADDLE AND TEACH YOU hentai young child JUST WHO IS YOUR 'SIR', young lesbian 'MASTER', AND 'GOD' FROM NOW ON!"WHACK! "Count them out bitch!""FUCK younger baby sex YOU!"WHACK! "You better start calling the numbers young japanese teen bitch, plus add 'and give me another young 14 pussy Sir!"Tears rolled from Sean's eyes as he sobbed out with pain, "One, gallerie young teens and give me another Sir!" WHACK! "Two, and give boy and young me another Sir!" WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, until he had called off all ten responses to them."Now, I don't know where that outburst of insolent behavior came from Sean, but at least I know now that you have a streak of possessiveness that is going to have to be purged quickly from your personality. Your' pretty little youngest virgin pussy ass is going to be sore most of the time if you continue with any display of defiance." Carlos tossed Renaldo a bag from a shelf. He emptied it on the seat and dug through the contents. He grabbed a light pink tee shirt from the pile and handed it to Sean. "Put this on Babe!" Both he and Carlos watched as Sean pulled it over his head. It young teen websites was very tight, fit like a glove. Carlos whistled - then said, "Perfect fit doll! Pink is definitely your color!" He reached into the pile himself and pulled out a bright pink nylon thong and said, "Put this on too babe!" After Sean pulled it into place, Renaldo said, "Looks like everything is going to fit that is in this bag. Good! Tomorrow morning you put on the tightest pair of light colored pants you have and we will pick you up at six-thirty sharp. We will dress you in something nice and feminine to go with your tight pants in the morning. If you are going to be our boy bitch, you youngest girls nudist are going to have to look the part baby. We both young teen nudists like our bitch boys to look and act effeminate - you know - real screamers. You practice tonight at home until you can walk and talk like a female. Don't disappoint us tgp young girl now or we will have to humiliate you young cocks in public until you learn youngest porn galleries to dress and act all pretty and sexy for your two hot boyfriends. Oh yes, let that hair grow even longer, clear down over you shoulders."Carlos added, "Now the big shocker baby! Tomorrow your life changes young sex pictures as you know it on campus baby! We will support and protect you, but you are brigham young going to have to put your future nude young naturists in our hands and do as we say regardless of youngest chubby girls how embarrassed or humiliated you may feel at first. You will get use to it baby and love us for bringing you out quickly."Renaldo said, "If your parents don't know inocent young boy you are gay, you best tell them and get that taken care of quickly. You aren't going to be able to hide it from them young porn movies much longer with what we have planned hot young russians for you darling. I know you want to be with us baby; so you know what you young cheer have to do to be with us. If you can't do this alone, we will help you through the task. Now, let us dress and get you home before Carlos and I get you pregnant again lover boy.--------------------------------------------------------------------------Anybody interested in having me add another chapter to this fantasy? If so contact me at Please let me know where you live. Thanks!
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